Importance of Memories

Our memories mostly are a replication of what we are, what makes us make the picks we pick, act as we act and love as we love. We would be nothing without our memories but, it aint possible to remember everything…

The utmost imperative part of a memory is the sentiment involved in it. Definitely it must have happened to you that, a peculiar scent of someone conjures an unambiguous flash of the past as it outlines you of an individual very close to you in the past, right?? All our reminiscences carry with them one or more linked feelings. Those who originate with more powerful emotions, anxiety, abhorrence, rage, blues, melancholy, contentment, etc., are the ones that generally last the most in our memory.

It is indeed these emotions that get us to learn from our experiences so that, in the future, we know how to make the choices that will root to a more pleasant emotional state. Our mind remembers only what we want it to remember – we might reminisce a lot of things and most of them will originate back when facing an actual situation.

Our memory is choosy, and the erudition we draw from our memories weighs more profoundly than the memory itself. This makes us learn to segregate between what makes us feel good and what makes us feel bad, and to always pick the path that leads us to feel better.

The bad thing is that a lot of our eccentric memories of our life, especially of our childhood, are being curbed deep in our memory and, over the time, we have to discern whether it is an actual experience, or a fantasy one.

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