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Triscilla Tellis

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Meet Shonan ..

New mommy to my Adorable Twins..

I will also share a lot of random bits of the place I dwell – Mumbai along with my weekly posts that would cover : parenting, creative DIY’S , healthy recipes that will work wonders to your lill toddler and so on and so forth.. stay home + making something! is my motto…

Meet Nabeel ..

Nabeel works with a global research company based out of mumbai as assistant manager business development. My interest includes reading science fiction and courtroom dramas. On this platform i’ll pen my views on politics from a society standpoint. I’m also interested in exploring religious sentiments of fanatics who overrule women’s freedom of speech….

Meet Zinnia ..

Mom of two little “Deviled Brats” who are the “Angels of my Life”.

Well I don’t wanna give a formal introduction about my self, so lemme begin saying this – that Trish and I = Sister from another Mister  and I would love to use this platform to express my ideas.. I’m a very free hearted open soul who is a mom of two little deviled brats who are the angels of my life. Contradictory, right, well that is the life of a mom.

Well the perks are that I have the best of both worlds as I get to play with cars and superheroes as well as princess and castles. I’m a strong opinionated person till I have a logical reason to change it. Well, I will tattletale about my daily routine with kids, how I spend my time with them appreciating and re-experiencing my madness. I will also enlighten you guys on parenting, I don’t outclass but can help you join the dots…

So stay Tuned… lots coming up your way….

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