Mumbai Rains ..

Mumbai Rains + Adrak Ki Chai = Love Stories that is certainly not everyone’s “Cup of Tea” 

Marine Drive has played Cupid, in myriad love stories and it has time and again made those torrential rains more gorgeous and unforgettable. The spellbinding view of the Arabian Sea is truly invincible and the sea breeze wafting across your face will certainly set the right mood for a whimsical evening. Late sunsets and nights are picture-perfect, as the alluring lights and cool breeze make the “Queen’s Necklace” simply striking.

The spouting sound of the waves roaring on the concrete blocks of Marine Drive, a panoramic view of the city’s skyline, and the crisp ocean air singing in one’s ear. That’s Marine Drive for you! Isn’t this an ideal setting for romance? An astounding quixotic stroll along the scenic stretch with clasped hands.

Marine Drive is one of the best places to hangout in Mumbai during monsoons, simply to watch the downpour breathing life into the Arabian Sea but what takes the cake is the spectacular panorama of the sea that only the eyes bear witness to. Although there is no dearth of marvelous places to eat in Mumbai, this place being the perfect adda is frequent by couples and groups of friends enjoying the scented air of the ocean playing a tune in the background. 

The city of Mumbai is a bustling metropolis that is continually on the move, with apparently no place for couples to grab a quiet moment. The pause button was not at all invented for this fast-moving city as it doesn’t really seem to pause for anyone. Watching beautiful sunsets, romantic walks, diving into the plate of bhelpuri, enjoying the famous buddhiya ke baal (candy floss) just like a kid ignoring the presence of the people around you.

The chat vendors nuzzled away in a corner, it’s almost tantamount with Mumbai — the famous piping hot cutting chai to invigorate one’s senses and of course, I have no intention to school you’ll on the chai-making that is almost akin to creativity with the secret ingredient adrak (ginger) that is spun in metrically to heighten its taste. If in Mumbai, do take a recce of the best of these tapris in this city.

Rains in “Mumbai” is not just a season, it’s a feeling to be felt embracing all the whooshing, swaying, sopping and splattering into the potholes to ditches, the roadside ‘Chai ki Tapri’ that is a blessing in disguise to all the rain-soaked Mumbaikars serving out that hot, sweet and milky “Cutting Chai”, served in a small grooved glass – That’s the beauty of rains in “Aamchi Mumbai”

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