Dedicated to all the girl’s who face Life – Head On!!

If you’ve ever tried to fight, those tears on your bus ride home and failed.

If you’ve ever lied about, why your eyes were all glazed over and you were believed

– This one’s for you.

If you’ve ever stopped, listening to your favorite band because he liked them too.

If you’ve ever hated a girl, you didn’t know because he picked her over you

– This one’s for you.

If you’ve ever bit your lip, to stop it from quivering.

If you’ve ever walked, with your eyes planted on the ground

– This one’s for you.

If you’ve ever stared into the darkness before sleep, trying to avoid the ‘what’s if’s’ and ‘if only’s’.

If you’ve ever listened to totally different music, but ended up thinking about him anyway

– This one’s for you.

The girl who, doesn’t get the guy.

The girl who, still lives her life to the fullest she can.

The girl who, gets up every day and doesn’t give up

– This one’s for you

Because it takes so much to be that



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