Be Grateful

I find it practically tough to put into words how gratified I feel right now. For the life I have right now, the family I can always count on and I love them so much.

The friends I can bank on and giggle with and create new fond memories with. The place that I dwell in, constantly keeps me stimulated and always leaves me in a perpetual state of “Approbation”. The places I have visited and knowing all the places that I know hoping to be able to visit someday. Being able to follow my dreams that I’ve dreamt and waking up every morning to thrive towards my goals.

The love and appreciation I have come to have for my body, mind and soul, most prominently coming to terms that I am a much more spiritual person than I am religious person, and not being petrified to mask that. Countless ups and downs. Not really sure if they have composed themselves out yet, but I have come to realize that one can’t have one without the either. Every high we experience is elevated by a low.

So, I’m thankful for all those lows, even though they have been heart wrenchingly aching and even extra miserable. There have been times that I would spend nights in a row feeling deplorable crying until I could not cry anymore. The times that I stopped eating because it was the only thing that could make me feel in control. The whiles that I felt that running away was the only leeway even though I had no inkling where I would go.

But, it’s because of all these lows I’ve become more tougher and have opened my eyes to what is out there that is better and sunnier. Grateful, that I’ve learned to brush myself off after I’ve toppled by not letting any bruise stay on me forever. On that note, my message to each one of you is to analyze the things that make you happy and scrunch onto them as firmly as you can.

Let it flourish!!


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