” The Working Mom “

Creating Balance in an Unbalanced World !!!


Being a human is hard,Being a mom is hard and being a working mom is even harder.

Life in general, is just hard. There is no formula that miraculously makes it better. However, here are a few tips you can use to make your life and your brain work a little better for you in your busy working mom life!

We all know the saying, if we want something done, ask a busy person. Let’s change this a bit and quote it this way,” If we want something done, ask a mom ;)!

The statistics say that, for most family’s moms have the answer for everything – from figuring out the family schedule, answering it rightly, ” What’s for dinner?” They carry the mental load for family organization and operation.

Mom’s dimensions are enormous. They are professional negotiators, jugglers, crisis managers, teachers, solution seekers project managers. If you see their resumes on how they communicate, complete task, think outside the box, and remain calm when things get tumultuous, you would probably hire them in a heartbeat to lead a team.

  So why are moms still doubted at work??

Let’s shed some light on how a working mom are getting the raw end of the deal. People still don’t believe they can handle both, work and their family. The research says they are nervous to approach their bosses to discuss their personal issues and they are even more nervous to announce their pregnancy!

“While we want to believe we have evolved, I don’t think we really have.”However, there is a room for change. Let’s help her feel loved and cherish her in all the way:

Appreciate her

Respect her dignity

Divide her work task

Give her (extra) privileges for her kid

Giver her a day off!

Pay her some extra grands for being a working mother.

Give her the option to work from home

Form moms club for her and other moms

Free medical aid for her child


The phrase working mother is redundant. A standing ovation to all the supermom’s who balance their work and family life very well.

        Life doesn’t come with a manual but, it defiantly comes with a                                                    Mother ❤️


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One thought on “” The Working Mom “

  1. Very nicely written. If implemented by corporates and even in small organisations…then along with getting happy, loyal staff it will also help to have better next generation. (From above mentioned..few things can be done at family level also even for housewives).
    And last line is just awesome & very true that “Life doesn’t come with a manual but, it defiantly comes with a Mother “

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