Cheers to Frienship

Over the past years of my existence on this planet, it’s pretty much of a Cake – Walk to speak about “Friendship” as I’ve had my share of Up’s and Down’s in it.The good, the wicked and the obnoxious ones too ? I’ve had friends that have left me in tears, long-standing friendships, short-lived friendships and painful friendships.And I realized that there’s no “one-size-fits” all are different and needs to be understood differently too.Each friendship brings a swarm of new understandings, glitches and snags.

Are you good friends with someone, but you aren’t really sure if they can be labelled as “true friends” territory, isn’t it? Having true friends is an ecstatic kind of friendship that brings a rush of good contented vibes every time you are around them. True friendship is when you don’t need to express your feelings in words; they know how you’re feeling. When you have found your true friend, you will know it. They are the ones who matter the most because they have proven themselves worthy of your time. A strong friendship is one where friends make sacrifices. It is very vital how to know when you have found a true friend, because they don’t often show up in our lives. The secret to a lasting friendship is to not wait for people to offer friendship to you.

Be the first to offer a helping hand. You will eventually be able to separate your real friends from the fake ones. Quality all friends don’t have in common – the best kinds of friends you can have are those that have a sixth sense for knowing just when to lend an ear for a couple minutes without interruption listening to you talk. A good friend is one who has the skill of listening and is not afraid to use it. Good friends are hard to find and trust me they are the one of the most important things in life. Humans are social beings, and no person can ever feel completely satisfied if they don’t have at least one friend in their life they can share experiences with.

That is why it is important to know how to recognize when you have struck gold.


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