Imperfection is Beautiful!!

“Imperfection is Beauty. Insanity is Prodigy. And it’s better to be irrefutably ridiculous than absolutely boring.”

The idea of, loving your imperfections has always rung strong with me ever since I was diminutive. But, it hasn’t always been such an easy act of awareness. Predominantly these days, in this so called digital world, mostly the fashion industry + Social media can relatively be a harsh thing to blitz, your self-confidence.

We are thrown each day metaphors of Flawless Beauty, from all directions. Episodically something new-fangled and glossy. Each girl is extremely scrawnier than the next. Skin rosier, Pretty dresses, Luxurious shoes, Big lips, Long hair, Remarkable eyes.


Can someone drop the Mask to Reality?? Well, Yeah that aint easy……. Its indeed flattering, of course to always have people comment (some people I personally know and several others I don’t) really pleasant things about what I’m wearing or how I look. It’s good to know that someone is appreciating because, no matter what I just try to be myself.

An online persona can simply be devious. There are so many so-called, picture-perfect lives out there as we scroll on that little grid on our phones called twitter/Facebook/Instagram. I post what I like and things that epitomize who I am and that’s indeed, what matters and I strongly believe in this: “Never ever Fake it to Make it”.

I’m proud to say that, I’ve never been that sort of person and nor do I think I ever could and I think it has a lot to do with, how I was raised and how I have perceived myself growing up.

Working hard and loving yourself, certainly goes hand in hand. And I am by far not perfect nor do I intend to be, it’s thought-provoking to see, how much of a positive approach can help you really make an effort to accept yourself for who you are and to emphasis on the things outside of your body, that make you feel happy and valuable.

Lastly, I have learned that the more that I come to accept my “Imperfections”, the more I am able to love myself with no regrets..

Being “Imperfectly Perfect” is what makes us Exceptional.


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