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A lot of people love Travelling and Exploring new places, my hubby too is included in this “CLAN”. Well, what works best for me is the depiction that’s presented and I bet, no one can do a better job than my hubby ?. There is an immense pleasure, that I get by submerging myself into imagination. I love, admiring the local cultures around the world and discovering the Unexpected!

I’m sure a lot of you will agree to this that, there comes a time in one’s life when all that you need is some quality time to spend to rediscover your self . A time when you literally feel like running away from all the Hustle and Bustle around and are in such a frantic need to simply, unwind yourself that can surely help in narrowing down one’s choices, to nail for the best places that can be visited.

Phew!!! One vacation … and so much to be done but, all I do is sit … relax and watch my hubby do it rather ? works best for me though. I believe to allow people to do what they are best at!!! Even though I don’t participate in the planning, I love the anticipation, the journey, be it by plane, train, bus and of course, the actual holiday and finally all the wonderful memories and experiences I bring home, that’s gonna live with me forever that’s more me like.

So, after all the research we decided to make a short trip to Georgia. Primarily, I really wasn’t that excited about the trip but was only fascinated with the fact that I’m gonna experience snow but honestly, this country incontestably blew my mind. I was Spellbound by its Beauty, trust me this was precisely something that I wanted to discover. Like all of us have this dream about going somewhere and living their culture and when you get what you want you just think “Yes, its indeed a picture-perfect place to be”. Its like “cherry on the cake” every bit that your eyes capture, just amazes you even more.

Well as we edged our way out from the airport to Gudauri, witnessing the beautiful scenic landscapes on our way to the hotel which was a good 3-hour journey.

Georgia, indeed is a beautiful country surrounded by rugged snow-capped mountains that looked like a color pallet at least for me as I love drowning myself into imagination. The beautiful scenic views gradually, kept shifting from green towards Blazing Red well this sight to me was simply jaw-dropping, the rivers out here is certainly a show of beautiful colors gifted by nature, which in Georgia is really extraordinary.

I was literally Mesmerized by this view from our room…

A cool blowing winter Friday morning in Georgia, as I cozily sprawl on the bed setting my eyes out through the window!!!! A much-needed break from the routine of sending frantic emails, attending calls, Chaperoning allotted duties, boring meetings… Pheeww!!

Beautiful Friday morning, no noise, just myself and this Foggy mountain.

Gudauri here we come..


The Gudauri Inn – Our 1st stop for one night, my hubby did a really good research on the stay bit, as the hotel staff and the ambiance was spot on. Well, without any further exaggeration, what I loved about this place is the warm-hearted people, Oh!! And of course, the food – We were flooded with a table spread with Georgian Cuisine to savor their delicacies.


Ummmmmnnn …. Digging in !!!!!




This stunning countryside view, trust me I know what exactly I have witnessed, it’s at the tip of my tongue but a bit hard to pen it down as It’s a mix of everything that would sum up to the term




Bus Halts on our way to Tbilisi



Tbilisi is highly Enchanting and Photogenic. Lemme put it this way, that I had authentic experiences, be it simply savoring the delicious Georgian Cuisine or rather interacting with locals out there. My journey to this place was with very little expectancy but it did take me on a striking journey, it absolutely taught me how to appreciate nature (people who know me well would definitely relate to what I mean when I quote “nature”) and showed me what impact interacting with various people can have on one’s soul. Breathing into the cool piney smell of the trees, got me stopping often as I was simply in awe of the backgrounds that I witnessed…

Local Markets…



Fascinating cute little local markets flooded with this dessert that has several walnuts or hazelnuts through a thread inside – Churchkhela is what it is called that is well coated with flour, sugar or honey, and not to forget the grape juice that they blend on extreme high heat and then a strand of threaded nuts is placed inside for it to be well – coated.  These markets are very old-style yet appealing and even if you don’t wanna buy anything you gotta visit the markets out there. It was really fun to stroll around these markets and to check out all the things you’ll never find from your local Spinneys, or any other Shopping Mart. You really don’t find such cool markets anymore and this is what I loved so much about Tbilisi, it’s just phenomenal and very unusual to see little markets here and there, beautifully brushed with modern architecture.







Streets of Tbilisi…

What I noticed when I walked through the streets of Tbilisi for the first time, oh !! those cute little alleys all over the city, trust me it definitely has its own charisma. You can take your time and go for a little stroll and I bet You will l totally love it.



Old-fashioned villages and towns still dots the countryside, while modern cities like Tbilisi, Batumi, are highly appealing and camera-friendly.



These Cute little houses everywhere seemed like they were beautifully painted in pastel colors all over the streets. The old guard walls of the city still stand tall regardless of the time they were carved.


Insight to the History of Georgia..



Georgia is directly located on the cross road of Europe and Asia, between Russia and Turkey. It is beautifully surrounded by Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea. Georgia also shares its border with Armenia and Azerbaijan. It’s a small country with only 3.7 million in population approx. Georgia, very well known for its diverse landscape and beautiful coastline. Magnificent Landscapes unquestionably makes Georgia a flawless touristic destination.



This place has been under the influence of the Roman Empire for around 400 years, under the Arab influence for 300 years, and under the Russian influence for more than 200 years. – (Wow !! now that’s a good to know piece of Information)



All the Wine Lovers out there …



Kakheti is Georgia’s most well-known wine region I would term it as a CRADLE OF WINERY ? sounds weird I know Hahaha but that’s exactly how I love describing with weird examples


And If I count the number of times and the number of people who have called me weird damn I would seriously run out of fingers and count LMAO and I don’t like Math .. aint my thing … Hahaha… well coming back to wine oh this place is a widespread of various wines at display and its a spot on tourist destination for all you wine lovers.



Threading our way to Kakheti definitely did give us a wonderful ride watching the scenery as we passed dozens of – churches, monasteries, forts and museums – that certainly offered exceptional sights of landscape, and historic art and architecture.


Mtatsminda Amusement Park..



The park is located just next to the TV tower, I couldn’t grab a seat on the rides though as it was not operational due to he weather condition.















If there is something that makes me love or not love a country, is of course “FOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDD” Immma total Foodie. The Georgian Cuisine is very unique. The national dish is called Khinkali, and it actually reminded me of Chinese Wantons Oh, I literally Drool over them.








This mouthwatering dish is really something you can’t get around here.

It’s usually filled with spiced meat such as pork, beef or even lamb. Their traditional cuisine is simply delicious. I very much enjoyed the Khachapuri too.



Cha Cha – The Ultimate drink to get you Zongd..



Cha Cha !! A great drink to have it is a strong spirit made of the grape residue. Just one sip of it and you will feel a scorching sensation down your throat for the non-vodka drinkers its called (Georgian vodka)


To sum it up …



My experience in Georgia was Exceptional.. Gawking at the beautiful castles perched on hills. Needless to say, that all the roads in Georgia that we edged through were simply stunning as it’s all wrapped with golden blaze of autumn color. Every journey is an experience, no matter what is the duration. The only thing that matters is what happens between the start and the end.


Awesome Clicks @ the most Beautiful Place…











P.S. I so wanna be Teleported back to Georgia this very moment…





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