Happy Diwali ..


Since Diwali is around the corner and I bet that all of us overlooking one’s religion incontestably will be indulged in preparations, Right?

India is a country, whose diversity knows no bounds. Permutation resides in bounty at every nook and corner of the country. As I speak about Indian Tradition in terms of fashion, it shoots from the country’s rich cultural legacy, that has endured several phases of changing lifestyles.

Any festival calls for a reason, to be dolled up Glamorously yet sparkled with some Elegance… and the season of Diwali of course calls to dig into one’s wardrobe, to gear up for that spot on ethnic look.

Traditional Indian clothing, is adored all over the world which has lead Globalization to such an extent of opening many doors to the world of fashion…

            FESTIVE SPLENDOUR !!!!

Royalty, Elegance, Style, and Class – Ethnic covers it all!

And for someone like me, If given a choice between Indian and Western look, I would unquestionably go for the Indian Look…

There’s something about Ethnic Wear, that will never go out of fashion as it keeps our tradition’s alive. It gives you a free rein to experiment with vibrant color’s, outlines, designs each being predominantly diverse in its history, work and evolution, as most of our clothing styles are inclined by the western culture.

Indian fashion is renowned around the globe, so why hesitate to flaunt it?

Well !! having spoken enough about Style, Diwali is considered as one of the most prominent festivals in the Hindu culture and the main part of any Indian festival is the variety of mouth – tantalizing food and of course followed with stunning decorations.

I remember, as kids huddling for hours with my friends to adorn the floors with intricate Rangoli patterns to which I used to, symbolically enjoy the feel of Diwali by lighting dozens of Clay Diya’s, distributed spectacularly in each room.  

Oh!! I so love this festive feeling and having lived in Mumbai, it has taught each one of us to enjoy each other’s festivals like one’s own and I bet, lot of you guys would agree to this.

I can still vividly remember the fragrance of incense, the acrid smell of burning crackers, the aromas coming from the kitchen during this season.

Mahn !! The Motichoor ke Ladoos Yuuuummmmm Craving for it now ?

Booming of the breath taking fireworks, Glittering Colorful Lights zooming from all directions, Eye – Catching flames flickering from the lit Diya’s, as the whole vicinity would come out to exchange greetings with one another, regardless of one’s religion , busy with our never ending schedules, inspite of all this yet being connected is beyond Contentment.

Looking forward to having a Diwali accompanied with loads of sweets ?

So  I wanna wish each one of you a Happy wala Diwali in advance…

May this Diwali, bless you’ll with the gift of Togetherness and Prosperity and most importantly Fantastic Memories that would last for lifetime …..


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One thought on “Happy Diwali ..

  1. Dear Triscilla,

    Appreciate your lovely decoration and very well summarized about our Indian tradition. Keep it up!

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