1 Month to Christmas !!!

Christmas is a reminder to slow down, be grateful, and cling tightly to the ones you love most.”Christmas has always been the most desired time of the year for each and everyone, be it the Believers or the Non – Believers we  all look forward to Christmas. Setting our eyes onto the Gorgeous lights twinkling all over the streets and the best thing that I love about this season is sipping into a cup of hot chocolate with those marshmallows of course.

Not forgetting to indulge a lot of time flipping through all the possible Magazines –  meticulously screening page by page viewing all the “Magnificent Christmas Ornamentation” with those striking details to decorate one’s house.

The Christmas season isn’t over until you celebrate with friends — and that’s a fact! – And this mean preparations, Hell Ya!! a lot of preps. Nobody means to procrastinate on purpose, you’re busy at work! you’re waiting to see what goes on sale! your first option is now out of stock! you’ve been hunting for the PERFECT gift for weeks but nothing seems right !


 –  Who doesn’t like them, Ignore the Age : there’s a different kind of anticipation in finding them … wrapping them … giving them … and of-course getting them 😉  

Despite being in my thirties, I still act like a child every Christmas morning –  Right from waking up pretty early and impatiently twiddling my thumbs until the rest of my family is up and for what to simply open presents !! 

Christmas season tends to take ones eating habits overboard no matter how much you try your best and avoid starting the day off with a sugar comma muffins comma pancakes comma gingerbread comma cinnamon rolls to eggnog donuts well, trust me as I write I have these thought bubbles popping above my head animating the actual pictures of these yummy treats of the festive flavor that one will definitely not want to skip out on !

This is what I’d like to call a “hand-held” breakfast that can be consumed while opening presents 😉 There nothing more classic than an ooey-gooey fresh hot cinnamon roll on Christmas morning, so when in doubt  go for the classic! – My all time favorite!!



Christmas Carols being played everywhere that brings people together while time stands still. Family, Friends, Acquaintances gather at one table with Christmas buzz and laughter. It’s the closest I feel to my family and friends during this time and trust me this makes me feel so appreciative to have them in my life.

Christmas does bring people together and maybe that’s the greatest gift of all !!! There is this certain entertainment that can only be found and enjoyed during this festive season. It’s the season that truly makes everything around you Merrier … Bubblier …. and Gladder…

Hosting can understandably appear like a stressful feat. You not only have food and drinks to prepare, but invitations, decor, florals, a playlist, making sure your home is spotless, and that you have all of the serve ware that you need in place.

Turn off all overhead light, turn on a table lamp or two, and light plenty of candles. A handful of tea lights as soft illumination is one of the easiest and most important ways you can transform your space.




It’s always a wonderful to make your guests feel special. One way I like to do that during the holidays is to write special notes for each person, slip it into an envelope with their name well calligraphed and place them on the Christmas tree.

Upon arrival, I love greeting them with a beverage right before dinner and  encourage them  to pick out their envelope. The envelopes serve not just as beautiful ornaments, but are a great conversation starter primarily to let them know how special they are.

Having amazing get- together ‘s , gift’s to buy, Lunches, Dinners, High Tea, Traditions to celebrate, Families to visit and a Million and one things to do…

I know this might sound a lill Cliche, but nonetheless Christmas indeed has always been very Magical to me and I just wouldn’t trade this Enchanted experience for anything!!!


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