Let Go ..

Every time I, Think of You

Gets me lost and leaves me, Feeling Blue.

My heart beats are Paused

With feelings I wish, Never Grew…

Days… Months… Years, have passed without you

Cleaving Me up, with traces of our past,

Recapping that, I’m still in love with you!!

You snaked away and it just, seems like Yesterday

No Wails, I know you didn’t want to Stay…

You broke my heart and Slashed me Apart

and fled without even, Feeling Gray

It’s been a long time Honey!!

and I still, wait for you,

Convincing and Re – assuring myself that,

Our love was True…

But when Reality kicks in, you don’t really know

The way my tears, begin to Pour…

And that’s when, I Grasp the fact that

It’s time for me to –

Actually Let Go…

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