Women – We Rock ..

All our life we women underrate ourselves

Coz the society we live in subsists on utter nonsense..

We aren’t really considered, as an asset

And its high time, we gotta change this damn mindset…

Why only women are pontificated about simplicity.

May be they are petrified, of our ability…

We are as better as they are in all notion

And I repeat – ”Settling for Less”, shouldn’t be our option…

We are inbred with this concept that,

Women always gotta stay, Humble and Meek…

It’s only chickens like them, who reason like this,

As they feel their game’s , going weak ?

Be it @ Home or @ work ,

We women can handle both well – You Jerk!!

We have progressed, in all aspects..

So, get your facts right

I quote this, with all due respect..

College… Home… Work….

Have we actually left, any page un-turned??

But, our appraisals are always scrutinized

Justifying Oh!! She doesn’t deserve that position,

After all she’s a Gurl… Am I, not right??

Technology is intensely, blooming

However, our approach towards change for sure is glooming..

We gotta stop this differentiating and emphasize, on a perkier upbringing..

Only then, we will celebrate and rejoice on having a Girl

And on that day in all aspects

We have Won…

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