Life is a Balancing Art ..

What different do we do every day??

We wake up in the morning, jump out of the bed..hop into the Shower and then Grab a cup of Coffee and march off to work. Come home,cook a meal and then Boom – Hit the Sack …. Day in and Day Out same routine as Days Blend to Weeks and then Months and then Years…. Wow !! And one day when we look back all that we sum up our life in – Mahn.. Time has Flown this fast but it feels just like yesterday I had begun working on this Project… have you ever bothered asking yourself this simple question ??

What have you accomplished so far, that is really worth talking about? What fun did you have?? Did you take your Time off for yourself or you were so busy making your career that you forgot you have a Life that needs to be attended too. Each one of us have Infinite Value and the ability to make a profound difference in the Lives of our Families,Friend or even Strangers for the matter of fact, by just simply participating actively in their space. Just by doing this, a lot of difference does takes place Trust me as i say this and of course which leads to a healthy relation..


Work is Important – Hands Down!! I agree to this, however it shun’t be encompassing your identity as a person. In life you got to wing it sometimes – The outcome could be Scary or even Thrilling – You never know ;). Life is basically how you make it and Dahlin!!! It will always remain that way. So stop talking and get going. Do not be an Observer be a Participator. Life comes along only once so why just sit when you can Bounce….

Always remember this Funda – Don’t get so busy making a Living,That you forget to make a Life !!!

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