Let’s talk about Perfumes ..

Splurging on perfumes is something I have been doing since ages…

Actually, spending a bit more on luxurious and beautiful scents does not seem like extravagance to me. Frankly speaking, I may sometimes forget the name of women I meet, but I never forget the kind of perfume they wore!!!



I remember smelling this amazing perfume on someone I met around 15 years ago – It was a Fresh – Fruity fragrance, and till date, I regret not asking her the name of it.

Now, I blatantly tell them that they smell so amazing and  that I want to know the name, Shameless me 😉



Trust me, as I quote the above said


For me : Perfume is something which is Invisible – Yet an Unforgettable Accessory, Coz It’s an Art that makes ones memory speak …

Some of my all time Favorites are …..

Red Door by Elizabeth Arden

– This ones a classic perfume,It is rich in mélange and rare floral essences. It is an elegant pick which reflect her grace and choice. It is an iconic perfume by the brand and was initially composed in 1989.

Clinique Happy

– The essence is completely of flowers as its a perfume for happy mornings, this is surely going to make you feel alive and energetic.

Modern Muse By Esstee Lauder

– The composition of notes is vast, EL has beautifully managed to create another classic. Meant for the young and young at heart” “I’ve received constant compliments on this perfume every time I walk by.”


– Another one from my all time favorites ” Donna is the classic of Italian perfume . This wonderful scent carries the recognizable mark of beautiful Italy.

The right perfume can give your Style—and your Confidence—an added boost..

Perfume has been a hot commodity for hundreds of years. You can change your mood, just by changing the fragrance you use. I think it’s so cool to have a signature scent that adds to the ambiance of who you are, and one that people remember you by.

Scent is the most powerful memory trigger. Just one small trace of a scent can take your mind right back to a specific place, event, person, or period of time.

Some of the Top – Rated picks in Perfume that is a must have in your Handbag :-


DKNY BE Delicious 

Blended in woody extracts and exotic flowers. It is recommended for an all day wear, as it would keep you fresh and delicious!


Gucci Rush

The perfume is blended in coriander seeds, floral gardenia, jasmine, vanilla and rose. It is a very soft and sweet fragrance which will keep you fresh all through the day.


Gucci Envy Me

This is yet another fruity and floral blend, but it has been further enhanced with musky accords. The top notes start off with pink pepper, pink peony, peach, mango and cassia. In the middle you have litchi, pineapple and pomegranate.

Finally, in the base you have sandalwood, teakwood, white tea with musk. Both the look of the bottle and the smell is going to get people ‘envious’ around you!


Jean Paul Gaultier

This perfume has a blend of spices, amber, wood and vanilla. The combination makes it quite alluring.This is recommended for casual wear and will last you really long.


Gucci Premiere 

Gucci Premiere For Women is a sexy, floral, and fruity fragrance that has a long lasting and exotic essence. Its fragrance is sensual and captivating, making it perfect for today’s independent women. Launched in 2012, this fragrance has been a hit among many women including famous Hollywood stars like the beautiful Blake Lively.

Well, thats all for now.. Stay Tuned for more insight..


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