Welcome to Mumbai – A City of Dreams !!!

Dusk to Dawn In Mumbai – A Dizzying, Dazzling Metropolis City…

Mumbai is a complete culture shock and this city has grown to be the number 1 favorite metropolis in India – A Dynamic, Frenetic, Multicultural city that one must experience.

I love this Crazily Enchanting, Buzzing, Inspiring, Ambitious, city of Dreams. Swarming Mumbai is indeed – A Beautiful Mess, among the Magnificent, Crumbling Colonial buildings and the Slums and Shacks, this place does make me feel alive….



A city that never sleeps If you’ve ever pondered – What keeps this Indian mega-city going, you’ll find the answer in its perky streets, filled with a thousand hawkers dishing out cheap eats. Inhabitants always find time to pause at rickety carts in narrow lanes for a food treat or a glass of ‘cutting chai’ ? (the city’s famous half-measure cup of tea) helping a million people get on and kick start their day..



Born out of necessity, the city’s fabled street food has its origins in its now extinct mills and factories, where hordes of workers needed quick, low-cost meals on the go. The streets of Mumbai still spurt into life each morning like a rhythmical orchestra as a legion of roving chefs engage in a daily ritual of slicing, flavoring, grilling and sweltering as a daily ritual that begins long before dawn.

If you’ve ever wondered what keeps a city like Mumbai going, you can find the answer in her streets.It’s an orchestra that begins with the snapping of platters as unbaked lots of pav enter the hollow ovens, hours before dawn. As the sky alleviates, Vada Pav vendors begin reeling up their stoves, chaiwallahs clank pots on to boil milk, and eggs softly click against each other, awaiting the first commuters eager to grab a quick breakfast.



As the sun surges over the glistening city, knives clack furiously, chopping chilies and onions for those who might opt for a more sumptuous spread of spicy bhurji or masala omelette with hot, browned pav and sweltering sugary Chai.



It’s time for the first batch of hassled commuters take their seats at work, an army of women bearing large stainless-steel vessels drumming together begin boarding the still-packed local trains.



Lunch hour concludes with fruit – Plates laid out under the sky and openers jingling against cold-drink bottles. Then the chaiwallahs take over, offering tiny plastic cups of so called Mumbaikar’s luxury to drift people through the afternoon, until the chaat and Pav Bhaji stalls come into raucous action at day’s end, to brace the hungry for the long shuttle back home.



As night falls, skewers clink together as kebab walas begin speedily grilling meat to melting softness. This will continue late into the night, and when the skewers are finally still, the night chaiwallahs will set off on their cycles, their shrill whistles fading into the music of a new day of business.



Amchi Mumbai is a metropolis city that knows no margins and never sleeps, so it’s no surprise that Mumbai is the Indian city that is most linked with street food. Where other cities have a few hand-picked favorites, specific claims made around such as the kathi rolls of Kolkata or the chaat of Delhi, but the street food in Mumbai crosses every barrier…



I would like to conclude as I quote that: Mumbai – is India’s answer to Hollywood – A City of Dreams and also a City of Contrasts.  A city of Rich and Poor, Inspiration and Desperation, Modern and Traditional, Glamour and Grime, Old and New. Not surprisingly for such a Vibrant City there are so many things to do in Mumbai, this is a city that even after many visits one will still find it Endlessly Fascinating.

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