Draped in Silence.

As I Lay Alone

Draped in Silence Peacefully;

Remembering those days of You N Me,

Those feelings that cropped Unexpectedly!!

That I felt for you assuming, you too Felt for Me…

My life has been a Roller-Coaster Ride;

Until that unnerving moment that night,

You swore to be my shadow with Pride;

But instead you Tore me from my soul,

And walked right through me, like someone Unknown…

Every day you picture my face fueled with Happiness;

But the Bitter Truth is,

there are many Hues of Loneliness…

Everything ain’t that Wonderful because, without you nothing’s Beautiful

But then, as time went by my feelings began to Dwindle

As tears kept falling, killing me with the flashes of the times we saw our Future together Twinkle..

Every time my Mind Buzzes – Move On;

My Heart Utters – Hold On…

So many Interrogations sealed in my Head;

but all I end up doing is – Only Wait.

Loving somebody like you has been, my – First n Last Mistake;

Coz you tricked me in believing ,

That –

I was you’re only Love right from the Beginning…


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