Come What May …

The most incredible moment was, “When we Met”

Those moments shared with you, so far have been the best – “No Regret”

Regardless of our current situation…

You are the only reason of my frustration

You were so”Adamant”, as you had made up your mind;

You kept flinging me with “Hints” for things to go out of hand;

Picture got a lill clear watching you storm out that night…

I know that things between us are not at all right

Coz all you wanna do is, fight and only fight …

The tunnel has come to an end, as I can barely see any light;

Don’t really know, what to Say or Do…

Coz I’m really done

Crying over you…

Bareness and Grief is now a part of me,

As I have accepted the fact that, ” We “together will never be.

Now I’m just left with our few fond memories that will never depart…

As I have cherished each and every thing right from the start…

I wish you happiness and loads of luck;

“Believe Me” as I say, you were and will always be,

My Definition of Love

– Come What May !!!


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