The day I gave birth to my gorgeous twins, was the day that I rehabilitated to someone that I wasn’t before. The very instant moment that my most valued possessions were laid on my chest, my heart metaphorically felt like it was going to explode with enormous glee as we were Smitten!! I finally got to meet these sweethearts, who I’d carried for months.

We made it. As I felt their skin beside mine and that moment, everything felt absolutely perfect. We were doubly blessed indeed. Despite the sleep deprivation, it’s been so fun to see them grow and change so much each and every day. I am obsessed by the love and feeling of vulnerability that I don’t think I’ve felt before my babies entering my life. I immediately felt this irresistible desire to put an umbrella over all of us to shield this perfect new life was born and cherish forever. I was reformed in a split second as a person forever.

I never knew having them and feeling them in my arms would change my perception of life. Its seconds like this that outlines you after a life of ups and downs, never really knowing what my purpose in life was meant to be, who I was but in those two minutes it struck me exactly what I had been searching for all these years was there right in front of me.

I had reached the plateau of contentment, that only life can deliver and we were lucky enough to be blessed with double. I finally felt complete. That’s my story – My Childhood Friend turned into my Life Partner + 2 cute additions to my family = Perfect Happiness!!!!

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