Color is the one of the most perceptible attributes of the world around us.

It plays a significant role in the overall aesthetic of the child’s space. It will provide your baby with essential learning tools of life.

They will use colors as a pictorial cue. Thus from 6 months expose your child with hues of primary colors for a good cognitive development ????? Handmade puppets ??? Splash of colors ??? DIY art work ? ..

Adults often branded as the remarkable intellectual skills of infants, but recent theorists and investigators have revealed that babies are in fact constantly learning, thinking, and exploring the world around them.

The first three months of a child’s life are a time of curiosity.

Major Evolving Signposts at this age are positioned on reconnoitering the undeveloped senses and learning more about the body and the environment. During this period, most infants begin to: See matters more visibly within a distance of 13 inches.

Focus on moving objects, including the faces of people around tell between sweet, salty, bitter, and sour tastes. Distinguish variances in pitch and volume. See all colors in the human pictorial spectrum.

Respond to their environment with facial expressions. Establish pre-emptive behaviors like imbibing at the spot of a nipple or bottle.

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