“The food your babies eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison”?

Always remember, every time you are feeding your child?? you are either feeding a diseaseor fighting it! ?

Going to a plush departmental store and choosing the most expensive “ORGANIC” or “READY TO EAT CEREAL” food is not “So cool enough!” Instead, opt for a local Sabjiwala and choose the “REAL FOOD” The freshly made cooked food is high in nutritional value than any other packed meal! ?

The food your baby eats is not a short term diet. It’s a long term lifestyle change?

??simple ways to create healthy eating habits for your kids:- ?

Watch your babies hunger cues ?

Do not force them to finish ?

Feed a variety of foods????

Offer them the food they like ?

Go local and not global ☘

Avoid food as rewards ?

I have personally designed a diet for my babies when they were 5 months old in consent with my pediatrician ??‍⚕️

?Start with cows milk(fat free) ?

?Give vegetable stock with little salt in it ?

?Rice, Ragi, sago, Semolina Kheer with little ghee and sugar ?

?apple, chiku, mango and banana milkshake ?


There is no food your baby cannot digest!! Give variety..Go local..Avoid preservatives!

Western culture is the “NEW SWAG!” But, not the western food!! ??

As per statistics, Indian climatic conditions need sugar and salt intake in our food and west babies do not need it. Hence do not modify our diets with theirs! ?

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