“Every girl’s Unabashed Love for Jewelry is – No Big Surprise…”

“Indian Jewelry” is as Old as Indian Civilization itself 😊

Jewelry is a major style statement and the perfect accessory to amp up a simple look. An exquisite piece of jewelry adds that extra oomph to all your outfits and transforms you into something totally Glam and Eye-Catching!

There’s not a single girl out there who doesn’t fancy accessories. While some prefer delicate, or muted pieces, other’s dive straight into statement, edgy ones just like me. If you’re gaga about baubles too, and you’re wondering which important ones to own and wear everyday, you’re in great luck! As I have good news for all you gorgeous ladies out there..

I know shopping for jewelry can be a little overwhelming, especially when there are a dozen sites out there!

So, ladies, it’s time you check out my all time favorite fashion jewelry label. And trust me, they are totally worth the splurge!

Is well known for beautiful handcrafted jewelry. Their designs are

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Edgy chokers to bridal baubles in pearl and rose gold, the label creates pieces that are literally conversation starters.  If you’re a huge fan of quirky and distinctive designs, then Juvelista by Aarthi & Payal should be on your hit list.

This brand is well known for its beautiful statement Fashion Jewelry pieces that are Bold, Chic and Stylish.

The reason why I am in awe with this brand as it is well known for its Unconventional Designs and Convertible Jewelry pieces. Featuring silver as well as gold-plated pieces, the brands boasts a wide selection of necklaces, earrings, rings that are quite remarkable.

Jewelry as well as kundan and Meena-work pieces with beautiful and detailed motifs. The designs are mostly traditional and embellished with intricate stonework. Jewelry that is beautifully handcrafted. They also have a curated section where they customize jewelry according to individual style and preferences, now ladies isn’t that really cool .. ??

Sass up your look with these-  Beaded Beauty! are all you need to add a bit of glam to any of your looks. Neckpieces are an accessory we are not getting bored of anytime soon. Add some fun to your wardrobe with this beautiful Pearl necklace! Pair it with a matching sari or any Lucknowi Kurti and you’re good to go.

This ethnic neck piece is one of my favorite as there is a twist to it .. It can we worn both ways, yeah you heard it right it’s convertible. This unique design will definitely make all the heads turn. Go crazy styling these!

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Adding a striking neckpiece like this not only adds charm to the whole outfit, but also elevates and transforms your entire look! So ladies, get inspired by these statement accessories and step up your fashion game a notch! Which is available on and

If I have got you guys tempted and if it’s – Add to cart kindda day, why wait click on this direct link and place your order right away .. 😉

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Looking for ways to glam up your look for an upcoming special event? A statement neckpiece should do the trick, isn’t it?? . Wear it with a strapless dress or slip into that favorite blazer by adding a dash of bling to your attire with this gorgeous looking golden neckpiece and don’t forget those heels and I promise you’ll look like a million bucks!

You can be sure that this one will make a classy statement for you effortlessly! A statement neckpiece does wonders, it adds a dash of Elegance to your ensemble. The one I am wearing works perfectly with anything from a ripped jeans-and- Bling top combo to a flowy dress. the easiest way to accessorize when you’re short on time.  The best part of this Gold Neck piece is that it blends well with most outfits! If you love all things fashionable, you should definitely get your hands on this one.

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If I have got you guys tempted and if it’s – Add to cart kindda day, why wait click on this direct link and place your order right away .. 😉

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For those who like to keep it subtle and sweet, these drop earrings sound like a real deal. You can’t find a lighter pair of such fusion earrings that is as stylish as these.

What a brilliant mix of Gold and Glam. These danglers are one of my favorite picks, as Christmas is around the corner. Style these with Indian or Western wear and I promise you won’t feel sorry.

Let your mood reflect in your outfit. So intricate and neat! For a Simple and Sophisticated look, these are the way to go. So, add this straight to your cart if you are a lover of one of a kind fashion.

These danglers are a little dramatic and a lot of fun, if you don’t mind some OTT in your OOTD.

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Mark my words, this ear piece will serve you best if you are looking for something simple and not too drab, why wait click on this direct link and place your order right away .. 😉

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Well in my opinion, if there’s one accessory that has the ability to transmute even the simplest of looks into extraordinary ones by adding an instant burst of glamour is a pair of earrings, particularly – Jhumkas ..

Jhumkas are simply Synonymous ….

Especially the Chandbaali Chandelier with polki kundan and green stones as shown in the picture below are simply – Drop Dead Gorgeous .. as it is handcrafted to perfection And the intricate motifs only add to the beauty of its design making giving the Mughal vibes feel

Sometimes Regular

I bet you must not have seen a design so Intricate yet Simple? If you are a fan of such dainty pearl design just like this then it’s time to get your hands on them as this indeed is quite a superb statement accessory. ..

Click on this direct link and place your order right away .. 😉

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Embellished with the intricacies of the Maharani feeling, these neckpieces have been in trend for almost a decade and continues to leave everyone in awe with its prudently crafted precision. Pair it up with a simple Kurti or a heavy lehenga to look Explicitly Astonishing!

Sometimes Regular

From the splendid trousseau selection to flawless makeup, whatever the occasion doing it the Maharani Way is nothing less than – A Portrayal of True Exquisiteness.

The glow on ones face that shines through each frame, it’s the jewelry that complements one’s overall avatar …

“So what is it about jewelry that makes it so precious? Well, to me, it’s all about being able to put together something that looks Grand. Something that adds value to ones look and I don’t mean in terms of the – Price Tag, but in fact the heritage of it.

I’m an absolute old soul when it comes to the classic things like those Moti ka Mala or a lovely Kundan and stone combination” The meticulously crafted jewelry collection available at Juvelista is for every woman who believes in Purity of Design.

Click on this direct link and place your order right away .. 😉 coz there is a twist to this piece as well .. It can we worn both ways, yeah you heard it right it’s convertible.

If you’re looking for some Modern Art combined with Traditional Discipline, you’ve got it here all under one roof.

Juvelista has curated a list of sparkly jewelry pieces that will make you feel Rich without you having to rob a bank (😉 Pun very much intended) I insist, check them out. From interesting statement jewelry to elaborate earrings and a lot more, Juvelista stands out for the intricate detailing in every product of theirs. If you are looking for jewelry for any occasion, do not forget to check their site –

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Elegant cuts and Gorgeously crafted pieces all under one roof and its a find that’s totally worth it! Something that you’ll be able to wear for years, I Promise!

If you are looking for an outstanding Piece of Art and have literally looked through all those online sites and not convinced simply click on and Trust me, it is really tough to pick one single piece because they are all stunning. So Hurry all you Gorgeous Gurls out there, you know where to go shopping next when you want all the eyes on you!

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Style your wardrobe with their amazing jewelry and go from ‘Plain Jane’ to ‘Pataka’ in No Time!

Doesn’t matter that you don’t have a Solitaire to flaunt on your finger, you can still Sparkle all day at – Juvelista ….

P.S. – They deliver worldwide ..

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