Teething in babies..

Teething in babies!!!

✨ Watching how your child develops and reaches new milestones is one of the most exciting thing that you can experience as a new parent.

✨On a day-to-day level, I love watching my kids accomplish the little things that seem trivial but a really milestones! Be it babbling, teething, crawling or reacting to any stimuli. Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments.

✨For me, and I am sure for many parents the most vital of all is, teething!

✨ Since ages, our Indian culture has the habit of blaming everything on teething- baby’s drooling, he is cranky, he is down with fever, he is down with stomach infection and the list is too long. For any kind of sickness they say,” Oh, probably he is teething.”

✨ Medically and to a extend rationally, baby having a stomach upset has nothing to do with teething. Let me make it more simpler: when the baby starts teething, he has the tendency of putting every single object in his mouth. That every single object has almost 1/3 ounce( 40 pounds of dust ) on it. The dust causes stomach infection and not the tooth! (Guys, ponder over it) ✨Advertisements control half of our life. The minute parents see a new baby product launched in the market the next minute they get it for their baby.

✨Instead of getting the sophisticated plastic for your baby, make your own kitchen as a baby goods supplier! What?? Really?? How??

✨Create your own natural baby teethers!!

Give your baby the following food which becomes their  edible teether and will curb stomach infection to a large extend:-

1.Sliced freshly cut cucumber

2.Peeled carrot stem

3.Frozen celery

4.Sliced freshly cut apples ?

5.Cooled mango seeds

✨The above food will be an apt teether for your munchkin. Good for health, safe, vitamin giver, inexpensive and no stress of sterilising it!

✨The food will help to sooth the tender gums and satisfy your baby.

✨You can keep silicon based teether as a last resort. Do not use any hard plastic teether which are difficult to bite causing an injury to the soft gums.

✨NEVER let your child bite your finger as a teether. Always remember, your finger can be washed but cannot be sterilized. It’s the most hazardous thing you will feed your child.

Just a food for thought~ Stress less, be alert and enjoy every developmental milestone of your baby!! ??

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